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Due to COVID19 we will be closed temporarily.

Due to COVID19 we will be closed temporarily.

Due to COVID19 we will be closed temporarily. Due to COVID19 we will be closed temporarily.

Meet Jenny Lancey-Flammia


NOTICE: Due to the current health concerns of COVID19, I will be temporarily closed for on site services, Distance energy work and video meditations are still up and running and will always be! Currently we are looking at a 2 week closing and will reassess nearing the end of the 2 weeks to determine if more time is need or services can resume.

BE well and Stay healthy. Love and light to you all!!! See you on the zen side!


Hello, thank you for visiting my website. 

 I grew up surrounded by native culture and nature. Always exploring the earth and all her glory, the vibes of the trees, flowers, learning the colors of the sky listening to the wind and the animals. How to be respectful of the energy of others and of the earth and animals. Learning about the traditional ways of energy and its amazing ability to heal.

I began to study many theories and ways to work with energy at a very young age. Through self study, research and courses I became an instructor of Reiki, Polarity, and RYSE, as well as a life/spiritual coach. A leader of guided meditation and also of self healing workshops.

Together we will create balance with your spirit, body and mind, by diving into the states of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity.

All of this along side of the many therapies I have studied as a Massage Therapist I have formed specialties in helping heal many physical matters such as "sciatic" issues, Frozen shoulder matters, etc. with my continuing education in CST, Myofascial Release, SMRT,  Visceral Manipulation Therapy, Core Stone, Cupping Therapy and more. I utilize my ability to intuitively find what is happening within your system and then apply the many techniques to help aid in your healing.  I gear your session completely to your needs.  I always, will do a complete intake before your session so that I can plan for your needs and explain them to you, so you know what to expect. So please arrive a few min. early to allow adequate time for this.  I will accommodate and adjust the pressure, however will not know to do so without your voice, so please always let me know. I move slower with my technique than most other therapist, so that I can have a accurate read on what the muscle is saying. If the muscle is to tight or tense I may not be allowed to use pressure to start. I will inform you if this is the case. I will use different modalities to release the tissue so that I am able to apply pressure as the muscle releases. If cupping or IASTM, SMRT, CST are not therapies you wish to have integrated please inform me of such so that I can make this the best experience for you! I look forward to working with you on your path to wellness!

A practicing massage therapist since 2004, and an instructor since 2010.