Beautiful Energy


This energy session will help you to create balance with your spirit, body, mind. We will dive into the states of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity. This is done through a combination of life coaching, spiritual coaching, reiki, polarity, RYSE, past life regression, soul retrieval, and more.  These sessions are based on messages received, this could be viewed as "physic, mediumship, forsite, spirit animal communication, spirit communication, channeling, and more to help aid in your highest Spiritual healing.

Sessions include intake and clearing. Please keep in mind the amount of which you need to cover in your intake so that we have the proper time booked for your session. 

30 min $50

45 min $60

60 min $80

90 min $115

Sessions can be distance or in person.



 RYSE is a life-changing experience based on this simple yet profound concept; we can perceive and affect our sublime energy systems through focused awareness. All aspects of your life are realized through an increased dimension of awareness leading to more clarity, balance and increased manifestation abilities. You learn to perceive how your life force is lost or increased as a result of the play of energy between individuals, situations and locations. You gain true self empowerment as a result of the clearing and restructuring of your sublime energy patterns. This manifests as the ability to respond more quickly and effectively in all aspects of your life. This benefit continues to develop with every use of the self alignment techniques. RYSE goes far beyond energy work based on older traditional models. Founded on the core concepts of polarity therapy as well as the many years of channeled research by Nancy Risley, RYSE realizes the fundamental evolution of our energy system. This basis requires the fundamental evaluation and clearing techniques. I look forward to working with you in RYSE to discover the fullness of your being. 

 30 min $50

45 min $60

60 min $80

90 min $115

Sessions can be distance or in person.




Pronounced Ray-Kee, translates into “Universal Life Energy”.

Reiki is a common Japanese word which Dr. Usui used in a special way. Below are the two breakdowns of the meaning of the word Reiki. Even tho there are two different breakdowns both end with the overall meaning of “Universal Life Energy”

The first break down:

Rei can be translated as transcendental spirit, universal power, essence, and refers also to the spiritual dimension and the soul.

Ki can be translated as vital life force energy which flows through all living things, Chi.

The second break down:

Rei is composed into three parts. The first part means rain, that which comes from the heavens and gives life to our planet.  The second represents breath or prayer, with our breath we give voice to our deepest desires and truths. The third signifies king, that which rules, or the ruler or master within each of us. “Blessings from heaven, of a kingly nature raining down upon us.”

Ki is composed of two parts. The first part is balance between the energies of heaven and earth, of space and time and other basic dualities. A flux of energy, like a wave, which surrounds us. The second part is rice a main food supply a main energy source. Its symbol represents change, and the heart of the moment, a place of stillness where all healing takes place. “the energy source of divine life resides both within and without physical form”

This ancient healing art channels “Universal Life Energy” through the hands of the practitioner into the body of the receiver.

Reiki is a non-invasive holistic therapy used to support the body’s ability to relax and promote natural healing.  For the Reiki treatment the client remains fully clothed while the practitioner uses various hand positions on or above the body. No pressure or manipulation is involved.

 30 min $50

45 min $60

60 min $80

90 min $115

Sessions can be distance or in person.

Distance Session



All distance sessions are performed during your hours of slumber. They are preformed this way due to the openness of energy. You are fully relaxed and the energy moves freely. During distance sessions the room which you are in is cleared also (bonus).

All sessions consist of a phone consult to discuss the goals of the session. The session itself. 30 or 60 min. and a follow up email.

30 min session $50

60 min session $80

If you pick a series (bestest option!!) you will get a phone consult in which we determine the layout of your 3 sessions (series come only in 3 and are completed in a months time) as best tailored to your needs. there are follow up emails after and before all sessions with a series of things for you to do to get you to your highest.

​series of 3 30 min sessions $140

series of 3 60 min sessions $216

To book distance session you must call 978-467-7230

Tarot Card Readings


 You may either ask for me to tune into something specific or just for fun see what the universe has to say.

 Distance session: I will sit and just "tune in" to you and what you need to know, pull the cards into either a 3 or 4 card lay out or a 9+ card layout depending on what you chose. 

In person you will shuffle as you think and then we will lay the cards out based upon the layout you chose. 

Currently only offered as distance. Please call to book.


15 min session $15

30 min session for $25

45 min session $40